Legal English Program

Spend your summer improving your English language skills while learning more about the U.S. legal system. Our summer program is designed to help you build the knowledge and the confidence to navigate the language of the law, casework, and legal writing while experiencing life in the U.S. You’ll gain close relationships with faculty as they help you adjust to U.S. academic culture and engage in social activities with your peers.

U.S. Legal System - Overview of the U.S. legal (common law) system and its relation to the U.S. system of government
Case Readings - Detailed, step-by-step guidance for reading cases (court decisions) in areas such as contracts, torts, and property
Legal Vocabulary - Intensive practice using key words and high-frequency expressions common throughout your study of law
Legal Writing - Advice on your writing, identifying key grammatical or structural areas for improvement
Oral skills practice - Individual feedback to help with your pronunciation and general speaking skills, especially with key legal terms
Guidance - Support with adjusting to U.S. academic culture and classroom expectations

Summer 2020

Additional information about the Summer 2020 program, including the dates, cost, and registration instructions, will be available in October.

“Interesting dialogues, heated debates, impressive presentations, thoughtful cases, a wonderful baseball game, and an unforgettable picnic—these are the experiences waiting for you.”

- Xinhui Pan

“Thanks to this summer program, I was able to improve my English level to offer better services to my clients. I learned a lot by reading and analyzing cases, and even getting involved with the American culture on a day-to-day basis.”

- Alejandro Martín del Campo