Undergraduate Pre-Law Program

Curious about law school? This program is designed to provide you with a realistic view of what life as a law student is like as well as insights into the career opportunities for lawyers. This program is offered each summer will be offered during Summer Session I (May 23 – June 14, 2022).


The program consists of two courses that are taught in the law school but qualify for undergraduate course credit.

You may enroll in either course independently, but the classes are taught in a coordinated fashion so you will receive maximum benefit from enrolling in both courses simultaneously.


The courses are taught by law Professors Wilson Parker and Chris Nero Coughlin, and communication Professors Jarrod Atchison and John Llewellyn.


If you are a Wake Forest University student or a student in good standing at another accredited undergraduate institution, you are eligible to register for this program.

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For additional information and to register, visit the Summer Session website.

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